CONNECT: Studio Partner


Do you want your studio to be versatile and offer the best in every genre in today’s competitive market?

Are you using an old and outdated tap syllabus?

Is it a challenge to find a skilled and knowledgeable tap instructor?

Are you having trouble getting new techniques, ideas, and training for your current instructor or yourself and don’t know where to look to get the best and highest quality information?

If you answered YES to any of these, our CONNECT: Studio Partner Program is for you!

Now you can follow along week-to-week with the very same exercises and techniques we use in our company programs and with our Partner Studios to bring excellence out of our dancers.

We have consistently created massive positive results for our students and studio partners. Using our teaching techniques and methods to get the best results, we continually see programs and students spring forward by leaps and bounds and surpass their personal goals and their competition as a result of our training. Now you can follow along with us on our journey of bringing the best of tap dancing to students of all ages and levels all over the nation.


100+ Video Lessons & Lectures

52 weeks of video guided lessons that have been strategically put together to create massive results for your students fast. These videos include everything your instructor(s) need to get the best our of your students and make the classes engaging and fun!

Live Q&A and Strategy Sessions

Our partners can tune in and plan and customize their classes along with us during our strategy sessions. Teachers will have the opportunity to CONNECT with us by participating in our LIVE Q&A where we will work together to find creative solutions for challenges and get your questions answered.

Class Planning Template/Free Downloadable Handouts

Download a printable syllabus template that is customizable to your specific classes. RSTC will provide printable handouts for your classes to help reinforce your students growth and learning.

Get an entire year of tap dance courses for the price of one Master Class per month!


*A 1 Year commitment is required to participate in the program.