Assessment & Goal Setting

Hello! I am very much looking forward to helping you create an action plan to reach your goals in our upcoming consultation!

To make the most out of our time together, I would love to get some more information from you regarding your current level and your future goals. Please fill out the form below and answer any questions to the best of your ability.

Thank you!  -  Katelyn


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What level best describes where you are currently? *
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Rate yourself on a scale from 1-5 in the following areas. 1 being beginner and 5 being advanced.
The physical execution of footwork.
The ability to feel and express rhythmic phrases.
Knowledge of musical notation and structure.
Charisma and presentation on stage.
Ability to quickly pick up and retain steps and choreography.
Creating an experience of music and dance in the moment without the use of rehearsed choreography.
How tap dance began and evolved, important historical figures, how tap dance has influenced pop culture, etc.
Creating technical and musical sequences of dance and movement.
Awareness of spatial relationships, Knowledge of stage directions.
If you have a video of a recent performance please upload it to your favorite video sharing site and copy the url link in the space provided below.
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