Tap Dance Masterclasses & Workshops

Show your students and their parents that you're investing in them by bringing in Katelyn to do a 90-minute or three-hour class for everyone.  Great if your students are interested in something more and want to challenge themselves, or if you want to give them a little reward for all the great work they've done so far in the season.


Weekend Dates

We know your students are already busy with their weekly program, so the workshops and masterclasses we do can be scheduled easily on the weekends when everyone is free.


Differentiated Teaching

Your studio is probably not filled with tappers on the same skill level, so we'll break up the three-hour classes into two 90-minute sessions if that's what works better for your studio and students.


Round Out Dance Vocabulary

These weekend workshops and masterclasses are a wonderful way to provide your contemporary, ballet, or other dance program with a well-rounded curriculum.

Rhythmic Souls’ Performance Company workshops are taught directly by Katelyn Harris, and designed around your specific instructional needs. Each workshop or masterclass is created directly for your students. Katelyn takes the information you provide her about goals and student background, and then takes care of everything from there.