Come Join Our Tap Family!

What’s Included:

-Up to 4 live, full-length live tap dance shows per season in local DFW venues

-Opportunities to work closely with RSTC faculty and other tap dance celebs!

-Exclusive master class opportunities

-Professional photo shoot 

-Chance to connect with other local tap dancers from DFW dance studios

-One on one goal setting & feedback sessions with Company Directors

-Exciting perks such as a RSTC t-shirt, fun team outings, an end of the season yearbook, gala and awards ceremony, and more

-Personalized audition scorecard & feedback (Live Summer Audition Only)


In order to be considered for company fill out an official Audition Form HERE.


Audition in-person in one of our weekly technique classes.

Please send an email to stating which Show Season you are auditioning for and which technique class you will be coming to.

Click below to see the schedule of classes.

Choose the level that is right for you so the instructor can give you an appropriate evaluation.


Submit a video for consideration.

Please send a video of the one of the following to

  • a video of your current tap solo


  • a video showing all of the following:

    -Technical Skill (shuffles/flaps, paradiddles, riffs, pickups, wings, graboffs, & anything else you’d like to display)

    -Musicality (hold time with a metronome showing quarter notes, eighth notes, triplet, & sixteenth note timings)

    -Improv (choose a song of your choice & improv for at least a minute)

    -Choreography (if available, show a short combo of choreography)