2019 Annual Membership

 Become a Rhythmic Souls Tap Company annual plan member to enjoy exclusive benefits, including access to private workshops with world-renowned tap-dance artists, priority registration for RSTC events, big savings on private lessons, choreography and more.

Members don't have to be a part of any particular program or make any commitments to participate in our 2019 Annual Membership Plan. It's our version of a loyalty program for students who want discounts and early-bird access to the workshops and programs we offer! 


Exclusive Masterclasses

You'll have access to attend classes with select guest artists we bring in. Only members will be able to sign up for these classes with some of the best tap dancers from around the world.

Priority Registration

Many of our classes and workshops are limited to 10-15 students. Our members will have early-bird access to sign up first, before we release spots to the general public - if any are left. 

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Program Discounts

We have many programs running throughout the year, and members will receive discounts on all our services, including: Summer Intensive, Spring Boot Camps, Choreography, Technique, and Private Lessons.

VIP Access

When we host an event or bring in a world-class tapper for a masterclass, we always host some kind of VIP event for select attendees. Members will have the first chance to attend these exclusive experiences.


Sample Discounts for Programs

Member Benefits

Exclusive access to masterclasses with world-renowned tap dancers

Priority registration for limited-space classes and workshops

Reduced rates for Summer Series, Choreography, Private Lessons, and Technique Classes

Priority scheduling for Choreography and Private Lessons

Early-bird access and discounted tickets for shows and performances

Access to VIP events, workshops, and extras

Upcoming Access and Discounts

If you're considering if/how the annual membership would benefit you, here are four ways to take advantage of being a member:

1) Priority Registration on Exclusive Workshops with Limited Space

2) Discounts on all RSTC Programs & Special Events.

3) Big Savings on our Summer Tap Series.

3) 30-40%off on Solo Choreography and Private Lessons

2019 Memberships

$199 for the first 100 who sign up

$299 after the first 100