Performing solo choreography can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience! Dancers who participate in solo choreography receive great benefits from one-on-one time with their instructor and are guided to push the limits of their potential. Learning, mastering, and performing a solo can help dancers gain confidence by teaching them how to set goals and achieve them and by providing opportunities to show off what they do best. Performing a solo takes hard work and dedication to excellence. Dancers must be committed to practicing on their own consistently and have a responsibility to do whatever is necessary to perform at their best and highest potential.

The client agrees to schedule all lessons through Rhythmic Souls Tap Company and directs all questions and inquiries regarding the solo to

Client agrees to attend a minimum of 6 consecutive (week-to-week) one-hour cleaning/polishing sessions after the completion of the initial 4 hours of choreography with a tap professional at the standard RSTC rate. The client is encouraged to attend regular consecutive weekly cleaning sessions from the time the solo is choreographed through the last performance for best results. Client understands that the amount and intensity of home practice will be a large determining factor in the success of the student. Daily practice is recommended for best results.

Choreography fee payments are made by credit or debit card to Rhythmic Souls Tap Company and are due upon submission of this form. The choreography fee will include 4 hours of in-studio time with the choreographer, music editing, guidance on costume concept, and breakdown videos for home practice.

Payments for all required cleaning/polishing sessions are made by credit or debit card to Rhythmic Souls Tap Company are due in full by the start of the first cleaning session.

Clients will provide a list of all performances and competitions where the choreography will be performed to be approved by Rhythmic Souls Tap Company. The client will submit all competitive scores and feedback related to the solo to Rhythmic Souls Tap Company for review.

Rhythmic Souls Tap Company will work with the client to pick the best music to showcase the dancer’s talents and personality. Clients can submit their own music selections for review and choreographers will provide options to choose from as well. All music editing will be taken care of by Rhythmic Souls Tap Company staff.

Clients are responsible for choosing and purchasing their own costumes. Rhythmic Souls Tap Company will provide ideas and guidance for the general direction of the costume.

The client will bring an iPhone, iPad, or another device with adequate space for filming the choreography at the end of each session. The choreographer will demonstrate the choreography on video at a slow pace and with the music for the dancer to take home and practice.

Choreography Fees are due upon submission of the contract and are non-refundable after the start of the first choreography session. Clients must cancel or reschedule at least 48hrs in advance to receive a refund or credit on cleaning/polishing lessons.

Choreography will remain the intellectual property of Rhythmic Souls Tap Company. All performances and uses of choreography must be approved by Rhythmic Souls Tap Company.