Program recommendations for students and performers ages 8-21 . . .

Our CONNECT Programs offer you the opportunity to train with us year-round no matter where you live!


Learn from anywhere in the world, or right from the comfort of your own living room! Rhythmic Souls online technique classes exposes students to new ways of looking at tap to create more sophisticated skills and routines, expand their tap vocabulary, knowledge of music theory, improvisational ability, and performance quality.

-INCLUDES: New exercises each week in technique, music theory, and tap history and regular weekly feedback from RSTC Instructors.





Travel to Dallas/Fort Worth to PERFORM in a Full Length Live tap dance Show Experience!!!

CONNECT is our version of a distance learning program that gives tap dancers from all over the U.S. a chance to train with us and experience participating in our full-length live show seasons. If you’re looking for more opportunities to tap dance, travel, and make new friends from around the country while getting top-notch online instruction, then CONNECT is for you!

What’s Included:

-Learn original choreography online for our upcoming full-length live tap dance shows

-Bonus Online Technique Exercises led by our RSTC instructors

-Weekly personal one-on-one feedback from our RSTC instructors

-CONNECT with tap dancers from all over the country

-Perform with resident RSTC PERFORM Company Members in one of our full length live tap dance shows in the Dallas-Fort Worth area