Program recommendations for students and performers ages 8-21 . . .



Rhythmic Souls’ Technique classes run on Saturdays & Sundays year-round in Dallas, Plano/Frisco, Southlake, & Coppell. Students get access to unlimited classes each month, allowing them to move among the different skill levels as they want.

Rhythmic Souls exposes students to new ways of looking at tap to create more sophisticated skills and routines, expand their tap vocabulary, knowledge of music theory, improvisational ability, and performance quality.


Our company puts on up to four shows each season and gets you the experience to dance with confidence when it matters most. Rhythmic Souls’ Performance Company shows performers what it’s like to be a part of a real dance company. The curriculum is designed to expose students to all components of the stage experience, including sophisticated choreography, challenging technique, how tech and lighting affects your performance, and behind-the-scenes access to some of Dallas’ top tappers.


Take your dancing to the next level and fast track the process with one-on-one instruction with the top tap instructors in the metroplex!