Dance Studio Partner Program

Expert Instruction. Worry-free scheduling. On-demand teacher needs filled.  

Finding talented instructors for your regular weekly courses is hard work.  We take the stress out of the day-to-day by providing expertly trained teachers for your tap program, so you can count on consistently good programs for your students.


Expert Instruction

The most important part of your students’ dance program is expert instruction.  Katelyn personally trains your resident and our team’s instructors to make them the best they can be.

Katelyn Headshot CROP.jpg

Worry-Free Scheduling

Studio owners and managers spend a lot of time scheduling teachers for their programs.  It can be grueling.  With our partner program you give us your class needs and we take care of the rest.


Program Investment

Students and parents want to see studios giving them more and more every year.  Show them (and your weekly teachers) that you are investing in them to make your studio the best!

Rhythmic Souls’ Partner Program works with studios throughout Dallas-Ft. Worth to create remarkable tap programs.  Each quarter we train and advance the skills of our instructor team with Katelyn Harris’ technical work and teaching techniques.  We believe the teacher is what makes one studio better than the next, and in this competitive dance market you can never have enough talent at the front of the dance studio.  In addition, you’ll never have to worry about making sure weekly classes are led by a talented teacher, even when your regular instructor wants a week off to go on vacation or leaves on short notice.