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“Tap into the Future”

October 20th @ 7:00pm | W.E. Scott Theatre in Fort Worth

Rhythmic Souls and Fun House Theatre and Film are back together again in a performance you won't want to miss! In an original new show written by Jeff Swearingen, join them as they take you on a journey through time travel & be prepared to encounter some aliens, zombies, and dinosaurs along the way. Imagine the marriage of a reverse "Christmas Carol" & "The Office", and you'll be ready to "Tap Into the Future". 

At Rhythmic Souls our desire is to create a space for a community of dancers to belong, to find their individual voices, and to share in the love of dance and music. Our elite PERFORM Company season shows tap dancers of all ages and skill levels what its like to be a part of a professional dance company as they are mentored and perform side-by- side with experts, pros and fellow advanced performers. We hope to be a part of the narrative of preserving and developing this unique, indigenous American art form for years to come.

Get your tickets now for Saturday, October 20th @ 7pm at the W.E. Scott Theatre in Fort Worth! See ya there!